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KYNSI is a graduate of one of the top leading schools in massage therapy, Sutherland Chan. She has an extensive background in a variety of massages techniques including sweedish massage, relaxation, sports injury therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, prenatal/postnatal massage; just to name a few. Being involved with health and fitness her whole life she understands the importance of keeping your body at its best, which is one of the main reasons she chose massage therapy as a profession.

Being a Doula is another passion of Kynsi's. She loves being able to help the mother and the partner have the best birthing experience possible. Doulas help keep the environment as relaxed as possible and also come win lots of tools to help manage pain during contractions. While doctors, nurses and midwives are in and out of support, a Doula stays with you during the whole birthing process. It is proven that choosing to have a Doula reduces the risk of medical interventions such as Caesarian surgery, forceps or suction.

"Please ask me what a massage therapist or Doula can do to help you. Before my education I thought that my main job would be to relax people, which I can, but there are so many additional things massage therapists and Doulas can do. I love my job! I love that I can help reduce stress and pain and so much more...I look forward to meeting you soon!" Kynsi

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