- Dan Schofield

815 Sisler Ave


With 14 years of consultative sales experience,I will make sure I find the best products available to you every time. Whether you have A+ Credit, have had some struggles, or you want to consolidate your existing dept. I will make sure I explore all your options and get you the best deal possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have an home office located in Newmarket, Ontario. I can also meet you at our Concord, Ontario office or any location that is convenient for you (i.e. your current residence, coffee shop, etc ,etc)

Allow me to help in the following areas:
Residential/Commercial Mortgages
Refinance/Dept Consolidation
1st,2nd Mortgages
Arrange Home Inspections
Mortgage Insurance for new or existing mortgages (regardless of who funded your existing mortgage).

Business Hours

Mon : 24 HRS - In home service.
Tues : 24 HRS - In home service.
Wed : 24 HRS - In home service.
Thurs : 24 HRS - In home service.
Fri : 24 HRS - In home service.
Sat : 24 HRS - In home service.
Sun : 24 HRS - In home service.

24 Hour Opening

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